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The Modern American Dream


What is The Modern American Dream, considering the previous phrase's ever so diminishing accessibility due to ever changing impactful world events?

Aside from being the title of my book series, I believe the modern American Dream is the evolution of a term once so common in the land we live in and refer to as North America. It's no uncommon known fact that the recent events that have unfolded from the notorious Coronavirus pandemic have sent us yet into another economic recession; affecting not only us as citizens today but quite possibly generations to come. 

So what then, if it is true that luxuries that were once not deemed such a word, are we to do if we can't at the very least afford something so seemingly simple as a house to abide in and rest our weary legs? Perhaps the definition of a home in it's entirety has changed in the matter of a few years. 

It floods the pages of your cellphone screen. It's everywhere. The Van Life. I love it and hate it at the same time. Somebody else, living my dream life, right before my eyes; or at least what used to be a dream to me. Having lived the dream for the past couple of years my mind has only begun to be opened to a world hidden within our own, occupied by what we'd refer to as nomads in the past; now for the most part regular people like you and I. What is this lifestyle, and what brought us to a point where living in a crammed vehicle was not just trendy but necessary?

Included at the top of the list of Staff Picks from book publisher and distributor Blurb as of May 2022

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Confessions of a Self Imposed Derelict

(A Derivative of The Modern American Dream)

Immediately following the events of my first book "The Modern American Dream", the series continues on after more unfortunate but noteworthy events occur in my life.
Following the outbreak of a worldwide pandemic, I was once again plagued by itchy feet and felt in need of a return to the United States. What began as a lifestyle of interest I referred to as the “Road Life” became all too recurrent and almost undesirable as plans fell through time and time again. Having lived on the road for a time prior, I took the situation in stride knowing that there had to be a life lesson I could learn from all of it- but what could that possibly be when everything that was happening was out of my control?

It has come to my attention over time that the coveted lifestyle I sought after is lived by many as a means apart from that of social media relevance, and rather one of simple survival- or, rather, an alternative to the routine most others will apathetically accept as a normal life. The Modern American Dream is my analysis of these particular life choices.

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The Modern American Dream

Short Film

It's not easy being famous. It's not any easier having been famous, either. In this semi autobiographical short film, Jayk Sterkenburg is followed as he tries once again the lifestyle that brought him fame through his videos of life on the road. It's not quite as he remembers it, however, and only through others he meets on the road does he begin to realize how much his reliance on social media has changed him as a person- for the worse.

The Modern American Dream (Tapes)

Join me as I host with several guests about our experiences of life on the road. With an accommodating outdoor atmosphere and my vehicle as the backdrop my guests and I are able to open up about the truth about living on the road, and all of the good and bad times that it can bring. However, even bad memories are fun to look back on and share a laugh about. In this podcast style series there is no script and there's surely never knowing what will be discussed next. Escaping cougars, struggling through friendship dynamics and defecating outdoors are only a few of the stories we touch on in TMAD tapes.







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