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El Ultimo Topo

Writer, director, DP, editor, sound designer, co-starring

In an attempt to lay claim to the final glass bottle of Top Chico, a visitor appears unannounced to an old friend's place-

in search of satiation.

Included in a selection of six short films as part of the 'Bexar Home Movie Film Fest 2021'

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Stunt Puller
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Stunt Puller

Writer, director, DP, editor, sound designer, supporting actor, promotional designer

Two filmmakers are catfished by a stuntman who was believed to resemble one of them.

Official winner of

Emerging Artists Film Festival (Calgary, AB)

& Bridge Fest (Vancouver, BC)

"Best Dramatic Short"

Semi-Finalist of Vienna Indie Short Film Festival (Vienna, AUT)

The Modern American Dream

Writer, director, DP, editor, sound designer, starring actor, promotional designer

It's not easy being famous. It's not any easier having been famous, either. In this semi autobiographical short film, Jayk Sterkenburg is followed as he tries once again the lifestyle that brought him fame through his videos of life on the road. It's not quite as he remembers it, however, and only through others he meets on the road does he begin to realize how much his reliance on social media has changed him as a person- for the worse.


Based on the book available on

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