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allow me to introduce myself...

I suppose you could say I am one of those people who are in a constant state of unrest; always looking for the next bit of elation this life can offer. Boredom has never been an option for me, as I'll spend nearly every minute of my free time envisioning whatever it is I can create next.

My greatest dream in life is to find success; and is it not the same for everyone else? However, we all have varying visions of "success", along with different definitions. How then would I define success? I would say merely being able to make an impact on just one person (the world, I'd say, would be asking a little too much). And yet if I could change just one person's life, just one person's view on this magnificent life, to open their eyes to see how beautiful and crazy and taken for granted this world can be; then- and only then- would I feel truly successful.

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